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Carlton Barber was born in Fayetteville, NC on January 6, 1983. He was raised in Robeson county, NC He started his career in southern gospel music at the tender age of five. His grandmother Marlene Hunt Keaton ( who played guitar and a radio favorite on WKKE Gospel radio of  St Pauls, NC) was a big influence on him. She taught him to sing. He has sung at festivals, fairs, churches, etc. He released the album "It's Still in the Cross" Although he left gospel to do worldly music. He rededicated his life to the Lord and his gospel music in February of 2016. The year 2016 was a very life changing year for Carlton. He re released "It's Still in the Cross" with a new single he wrote called "That Land called Glory" He met and married his wife in 2016.  He released a new CD called " Victory Through the Cross". Also completed a third CD called Blessings From the Heart. His next project will be with his wife Wanda. They are called Heavenly Hearts!


Carlton Barber came up with the name IN YA FAITH because you have got to have faith to get saved and your faith has to grow by faith. So you can make it by grace through the struggles and trails and tests of life!! Carlton says " I sing from the songs of Zion from deep within my heart, so the song will bless and encourage others". He preaches from the gospel of the lord Jesus Christ, born of a virgin Mary and he gave his life on the cross we could have eternal life in Heaven someday.  Carlton also says"This is my God given calling and without my working for my master, I feel my faith would be dead". Carlton is the 2017 Independent Music Artist Best Gospel Artist!!!

Wanda & Carlton as Heavenly Hearts also won Best Southern Gospel in 2018 S&M Gospel Awards.

Wanda Barber was born in Kings Mountain, NC. She grew up mostly in Western North Carolina. She attended Robeson Community College in Lumberton, NC. Where she earned her Adult High School Degree and an Associates in Arts Degree. Music has always been a big part of her life. She gave her life to Christ in 2006 after almost dying of pneumonia. She almost lost her life again due to a horrible car accident in 2014. That left her with a broken C-2 in her upper spine It is only through God's grace she survived her broken neck and her severe head injuries 

Wanda and Carlton begin their life as husband and wife October 1, 2016. She has became a valuable part of IN YA FAITH GOSPEL OUTREACH and Carlton would agree he would be lost without her. She 

has one song dedicated to her on "Blessing from the Heart" called "Hand Full of Weeds". She released her first solo Cd called "New Beginnings" in 2017 Her and Carlton  released two CDs of  Heavenly Hearts Journey Of Faith and A Carolina Christmas in November of 2017

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